Cirque Autour

Cirque autour in seven points :

  • Cirque Autour is a professional contemporary circus company, which, from 1996 has been involved in modern circus revival and, on a larger scale in developing « vivid show ».
  • Cirque Autour ‘s goals : creation, spreading and training of circus arts under their modern forms, through the mix of acting, dancing, music, video, plastic arts…
  • Cirque Autour gathers circus artists, musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists, technicians, and a costume designer… for shows, animations and events.
  • Cirque Autour presents fixed creations in theater, under big top… ambulatory shows and workshops in France and abroad.
  • Cirque Autour is networking with several other artistic companies for its own creations.
  • Cirque Autour supports production, promotion and broadcasting of live performances through artistic direction of festivals and creation of events.
  • Cirque Autour is based in Gières (France, 38), at the Fort du Murier : an old military building dating 1879. This place hosts different artistic structures : Cirque Autour implanted its office there in 1999, then an engineering workshop and a 50 m2 rehearsing studio.

Artistic project

The experience of the company relies on a consistent, structured and hardened professional team,  and of course on the quality of the cultural projects developed.
The artistic line chosen by the company is based on the renewal of modern circus thank to the mixing of arts.

A scenic approach relating different modes and genres of artistic expression (acting,  circassian techniques, dancing, music, video, plastic arts, puppets…), a writing made out of different materials (texts, mime, music, body acting…), in a space linked to the kind of project (theater, big top, streets…), so that the shows created are designed through  topical subjects, people met, and the echo of the world we are living in.
The main characteristic of our projects is interactivity and privileged exchange with the audience (dialog after a creation or rehearsal period, or in schools, colleges, universities…). A true Relationship based on mutual esteem and gratitude. We owe the public a total and determined commitment.

At the same time as our « creation activity », and willing to establish the company within the cultural fitting of a territory, we develop circus awareness workshops and training for educational and social structures (schools, leisure clubs, institutes of technology, educational and medical institutes…).

The goal is to give everybody the opportunity to learn the basics and to improve themselves in the Art of Circus, respecting their body, the art and the technique but also to go towards personal development and fulfilment by making use of physical abilities, expression and creativity.


  • 1999 : « La Famille O », burlesque circus show. More than 100 performances Under big top.
  • 2000 : « La marionnette sphérique ». street show.
  • 2001 : « Testamento ». theater/circus show. 3 years’ tour under big top.
  • 2002 : « Les Phénix Feu »,ambulatory show. More than 150 performances at this day.
  • 2005 : « Formatage Act 1 ». Physical theater. In theaters and Under big top. 40 performances
  • 2006 : « Les Blancs ». Stilts ambulatory show: « Charivari ». family audience circus show. More than 300 performances at this day.
  • 2007 : « Las Vegas Discos ». Ambulatory and fixed street show, on stilts
  • 2008 : « Les Grooms », Ambulatory show, on the ground and on stilts
  • 2008 : « Victor HUGO – La misère ». theater and juggling
  • 2009 : « La Fabuleuse Histoire du Cirque ». Modern circus show
  • 2011 : « La parade du cirque », « Les Lutins Taquins ». Ambulatory shows
  • 2012 :  Victor HUGO « Guillotine », Theater play for 2 artists
  • 2014 : « Les Globe-Trotters » ambulatory show with bicycle


  • 2010 à 2014 : Chamrousse en Piste


2 shows

  • CHARIVARI – Family audience circus show (1h)
  • VICTOR HUGO GUILLOTINE – Theater play (1h)

7 ambulatory shows

  • LA PARADE DU CIRQUE – From 2 to 15 characters, one optional vehicle
  • LES GROOMS –  From 2 to 10 characters (on the ground and on stilts)
  • LAS VEGAS DISCOS – From 7 to 9 characters (dancers on stilts, 1 driver, 1 DJ, 1 choreographer, 1 vehicle)
  • LES BLANCS – From 2 to 5 characters (1 solo, 2 duets) (1 « fantastic » and 2 couples).
  • LES LUTINS TAQUINS – 3 characters on stilts.
  • LES PHENIX FEU – From 2 to 10 characters (on the ground and on stilts), optional pyrotechny.
  • LES GLOBE-TROTTERS – From 4 to 6 characters with bicycle
  • LES GLOBULES – From 2 to 5 characters

2 circus initiation shows

  • FAMILY ROYAL CIRCUS – From 2 characters, welcoming of hundreds of people (3h)
    Proposed workshops:
  • Handling oblects (balls, clubs, juggling rings, diabolos, chinese plates, devil’ stick…)
  • Balance training on objects (big ball, tighrope, 2 wheels bike, 4 wheels bike, bi-clown, monocycle, stilts…)
  • Acrobatics (mini-trampoline, rolls, acrobatic figures…)
  • Aerials (trapeze, acrobatic cloth, climbing rope…)

An introduction to Circus arts through a fun and artistic teaching. Kids and their parents take part in the workshop independently. They are supervised by costumed artists who advise, teach and guide them, alos using this exchange to present fantastic shows.
This life-size introduction to circus, mixed with technical representations is aiming at family audiences and can be presented to hundreds of people. Duration : around 3 hours.

  • ROYAL CIRCUS WORKSHOP – From 2 characters, welcoming 10 to 25 children (for at least 1 hour)
    Pedagogical project.


  • To give everybody the opportunity to learn the basics and to improve themselves in the Art of Circus, respecting their body, the art and the technique.
  • Non competitive, stimulating teaching, and designed for all
  • Ludic approach, arousing imagination and creativity
  • Develop a gradual teaching, suitable for everybody
  • Collective work based on respect and trust in one another

Final aim : To go towards personal development and fulfilment by making use of physical abilities, expression and creativity.

General goals :

  • Motor and psychomotor competences (« know how »)
    • Develop body awareness through movement (action ).
    • Develop motor epression though movement.
    • Develop psychomotor abilities : space/time relation.
    • Global and segmental coordination, balance, rythm.
  • Relational abilities (being and become)
  • Develop sociability
    • learn to respect others, to see and look at the other but also to be looked at and to accept this look.
    • learn to work within a group so that you can learn from the others and through the others, creating contact, respect, trust and mutual aid.
    • learn safety, group life rules, respect of the equipment, space, body and the other’s  body.
  • Develop expression and communication
    • stimulate free and spontaneous expression, listening to others, language and communication under all its forms.
    • To dare, being able to express oneself on both verbal or non verbal basis.
    • To set up a trusting atmosphere which will allow every child to express what he wants, what he would like to communicate or give.
  • Develop creativity
    • creativity is in the means kids use to work and play with the equipment, with the freedom of imagination and play.
    • To open fields to allow kids to explore their limits, their pleisures, their sensations.
    • To arouse the imaginary world through storytelling, symbolic play, movement, equipment…

As options : Make up, clothing, manual and plastic arts workshops.

Potential customers

  • Works councils
  • Production companies
  • City councils
  • Events agencies
  • Tourist office
  • Societies, associations
  • Schools
  • Local authorities

Kind of events

  • Fairs
  • Carnivals
  • Inauguration
  • Markets
  • Clubs
  • Christmas markets
  • Local community fairs
  • Galas
  • Festivals
  • Company events
  • Second hand markets
  • Christmas shows

Places we operate

The artists operate all around France and abroad for all kinds of évents.

  • The territory the company settled in (Isère, France)
  • The « Rhône-Alpes » region
  • France
  • International

Some places we have been

Kinds of events :

  • Nice international carnival
  • St Etienne carnival
  • A.H. festival
  • Aurillac international street show festival
  • « Chalon dans la rue » international circus festival
  • « Mimos » (Périgueux’s international mime festival)

Ambulatory shows :

For its different ambulatory shows, the « Cirque Autour » company gathers  more than 15 professionnal artists.

These shows, ludic and interactive, are made of different  characters, adaptable to the nature of your event, the kind of visual effect you want to enhance and to your budget.

So the number of artists, their different skills (characters on stilts, acrobats, fire-eaters, jugglers, trapèze artists, plastic artists, make-up artists, ballon sculptors, musicians, actors…) is up to you… their common point : reactivity.

See you soon on our website, or for your next event !

Videos Cirque Autour


La Fabuleuse Histoire Du Cirque

Phénix feu

Las Vegas Disco

La Parade Du Cirque

Royal Circus

Atelier des Arts du Cirque

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